All Winter Village Locations in New World

The Winter Convergence Festival is now live in New World, bringing a bunch of exciting new holiday-themed activities and events. The Winter Wanderer and Winter Warrior come to Aeternum, and there’s an opportunity to pick up some unique new armors, skins, furnishings, consumables, and emotes for a limited time. Before diving into the nitty-gritty details of this event, the most basic thing you’ll need to know is the Winter Village locations. Below, we will show you all four Winter Village locations in New World.

All Winter Village Locations in New World

The four New World Winter Village locations are found in the following locations:

  1. Eastern Everfall
  2. Southern Monarch’s Bluffs
  3. Northern Weaver’s Fen
  4. Western Brightwood

Eastern Everfall

Southern Monarch’s Bluffs

Northern Weaver’s Fen

Western Brightwood

The Winter Village locations are where you can find the Winter Wanderer. You can turn and accept holiday quests at any of these four Winter Village locations in Aeternum, but you only need to worry about visiting at least one of them for this event.

These villages are important because you can earn Winter Tokens by finding and exchanging presents at the Holiday Hut. Each Winter Village has a Holiday Hut, and it will cost three Recovered Presents per one Winter Token. The presents are randomly scattered throughout the map on the ground and floating in the sky.

However, there is one reason to visit all four Winter Villages in New World. You can loot the Bountiful Gift Sack every day located right next to the Winter Wanderer at each village. There is one in each village, so you may want to head on over to each village each day if you want to maximize your efficiency!

Those are all four Winter Village locations in New World! Remember to pay them a visit if you want to check out the new event.

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