How to get the Froggy Chair in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

The fun thing about game series that run long enough is that they always develop their own fandom in-jokes. For instance, since the very first Animal Crossing game on the Gamecube, the Froggy Chair has been a fan favorite thanks to a combination of its cute appearance and the little croak sound it makes when you sit on it (which sounds distinctly like a fart noise). Folks have been clamoring for this classic seat to make a comeback in New Horizons, and thanks to the version 2.0 update, froggy times are upon us once again. Here’s how to get the Froggy Chair in Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Obtaining a Froggy Chair is a bit of a gamble, as there’s no surefire way to obtain one at any given time. It’s not a craftable item, so you can’t just make one from scratch. Ergo, to get a Froggy Chair, you’ll need to either stalk your local retailers or rely on the kindness of friends and strangers. 

How to get the Froggy Chair in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

There are four possible ways to obtain a Froggy Chair:

  1. Nook’s Cranny: If you’re lucky, the Nook boys will stock the Froggy Chair in their daily furniture selection for 1,200 Bells.
  2. Redd: When Redd the art dealer visits your island on his sketchy boat, there’s a chance he may be offering the Froggy Chair for 1,800 Bells.
  3. Villager Gifts: The villagers on your island will occasionally give you gifts when you pass by them, and if you’re fortunate, it can be a Froggy Chair
  4. Friends: If you have any friends who play the game, ask them to check their Nook’s Crannies for Froggy Chairs, and to buy and send you one if they do. Don’t forget to reimburse them!

Once you’ve got a Froggy Chair, you can order as many more as you’d like from the Nook Shopping App. You can also take them to Reese and Cyrus’ stand on Harv’s Island and change it to one of six different color palettes (for a nominal fee of 1,000 Bells).

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