Glimpse Arrives in Rogue Company

Rogue Company is one of the many free-to-play hero shooters on the market. Each month the game adds new heroes, known as rogues, along with other content. Last month, the rogue Umbra was added to the game. This month, they’ve revealed Glimpse as the newest rogue to join the roster.

Get a Glimpse of Rogue Company’s Newest Character

When she was a child, Glimpse was subjected to genetic experiments. She eventually escaped with a cloaking suit. Glimpse is a character with stealth abilities. She’s equipped with a stealth suit that keeps her invisible if she doesn’t move and drain its energy. This handicap was added to ensure that she was a balanced character.

“Glimpse’s abilities will push the limits of her foes, as her development pushed the technical limits of our Engine,” said Hi-Rez Studios Technical Artist Zoey Schlemper. With Glimpse, players will be able to easily detect and stealth attack enemy players. Players can unlock Glimpse for free just by playing or by purchasing her in-game. 

Rogue Company players will also be able to still play the limited-time mode Battle Zone, which was added last month. This mode is a 4v4 battle-royale mode with weapons that scale up as the match progresses and no health regeneration.

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