Hitman 3: How to Complete There Was A Fire Fight in Berlin

There are twelve feats to complete in Hitman 3‘s nightclub in Berlin. One of them is to confront Agent Montgomery, which takes a turn for the worse and ends in an all-out firefight. Here’s how to complete the There Was A Fire Fight challenge in Berlin in Hitman 3. You can take this route to finish the challenge in under five minutes.

For this challenge, start at the entrance of the club. You do not need any special equipment or gadgets for this one, so don’t worry about that. Refer to the video below for the optimal route.

Hitman 3: How to Complete There Was A Fire Fight in Berlin

Start at the club entrance, and agree to the pat-down from the guard. Make your way all the way downstairs to the dance floor. Proceed to the dance floor’s back right section and head through the door that says “tech only” above it.

Inside the door to your left, you’ll see a ladder leading to the catwalk. Climb the ladder, and then hop over the vent to your right. While on the vent, crawl to the right and drop down behind the guards.

Walk in the double doors into the owner’s office, and make a left. Proceed around the office to the gramophone. You can turn it on to distract the owner and then turn it off when it gets his attention. 

Crouch behind the gramophone and subdue the owner when he gets close enough. You can hide his body in the crate behind you and take his disguise. Putting on his clothes should get you the Club Owner discovery challenge. Now, you can pick up Rolfhirschmuller’s Phonebook from the ground next to the gramophone. Use it to schedule a meeting on the security system on the table.

At this point, you can take a seat at the owner’s desk near where you hid his body. Wait for Agent Montgomery to arrive. Listen to his whole spiel until he says it’s time to die, and then kick the table away to reveal a shotgun underneath the desk. Pick it up, and start blastin’. When you take out everyone in the room, you should get the There Was A Fire Fight achievement prompt popup on the top right.

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