New World Gypsum Kiln Locations

Gypsum is a new type of item added in New World patch 1.1.2 to give players more control over their item Expertise. The item is part of the revamped High Water Mark (HWM) system, and it will be a primary ingredient you need to increase your gear score level for specific items. Before you can the Gypsum to use, though, you’ll need to know where to find a Gypsum Kiln in New World.

Gypsum can be crafted into Gypsum Orb, which can then be crafted into Gypsum Casts. The process can be completed at any Kiln station in Aeternum. Since this is a new type of crafting station, many players may be wondering about the Gypsum Kiln locations in New World. You can find all the locations listed below.

New World Gypsum Kiln Locations

Gypsum Kilns are located exclusively in level 60 zones, including:

The Gypsum Kiln shows up on the map like any other type of workstation. Pull up your map, navigate any of the settlements listed above, and look for the Kiln icon. We’ve outlined each of the Gypsum Kiln locations below.

Ebonscale Reach

The Gypsum Kiln in Ebonscale Reach is located at the center of the settlement.


There are two Gypsum Kilns in Edengrove because there are two settlements: Last Stand Outpost and Valor Hold Outpost. The kiln in Last Stand Outpost (pictured on the left) is in the middle of the settlement. The kiln in Valor Hold Outpost (pictured on the right) is on the east side of town.

Great Cleave

There are two Gypsum Kilns in Great Cleave since there are two outposts here: Cleave’s Point (left) and Eastburn Outpost (right). Both are simple to find considering the size of these settlements.


The Gypsum Kiln in Reekwater is on the west side of town, near the bridge leading out of the settlement.

Shattered Mountains

Once again, there are two Gypsum Kilns in Shattered Mountains, one for each settlement. You can find the kilns in the center of Mountainhome Outpost, and the east side of Mountainrise Outpost.

What are Gypsum Kilns used for in New World?

Gypsum Kilns are used to turn Gypsum into Gypsum Orbs, which are then used to make Gypsum Casts. Players can craft casts for specific weapon types and bump up the Expertise Level for that weapon type. It is part of the new revamped High Water Mark system, known as the Expertise system. 

In short, you will be spending lots of time at kilns if you are trying to get your gear score higher. Now you know where to find Gypsum Kilns in New World, so you’re one step of the way there.

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