All Vampire Survivors Weapons and Combinations

Vampire Survivors is a 2D roguelite RPG game developed by poncle currently available on Steam. In this seemingly simple yet complex game, players must survive until dawn by fighting off hordes of night creatures. As the monsters get progressively more difficult as the night goes on, you’ll want to make sure you have the best weapons equipped for the job. We have the complete list of all Vampire Survivors weapons that you can refer to if you want to see what’s available.

Each character in the game, which you can unlock more of by earning coins and progressing, has a unique starting weapon. Most of these can be found during a playthrough, but the bone, for instance, is only usable by Mortaccio. Some Vampire Survivors weapons have specific prerequisites to meet before unlocking them. Also, players can upgrade their weapons by finding the right passives.

All Vampire Survivors Weapons

Here are all of the weapons in Vampire Survivors:

How to Upgrade Weapons in Vampire Survivors

To upgrade weapons in Vampire Survivors, you need to have the weapon equipped and also have a corresponding item. At level eight, your item will upgrade after looting one of the chests that drop from high-level enemies. We have a full list of Vampire Survivors weapon combos below.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Combinations

It is a good idea to pay attention to the power-ups you grab because you have a limited number of slots. Selecting the right passives to synergize with your weapons will put you in a good position in the late game.

These are all the Vampire Survivors weapons and combinations as of 0.2.6b. More will likely be added in future updates.

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